The Lucky Strikes

Coming hot from the hills of Appalachia, Landon Gray & the Lucky Strikes has found a booming new headquarters in Raleigh, NC at New Carolina Records. I started this colorful experiment almost 3 years ago now, just me and my pup, Murph, huddled in my tiny apartment with my guitar and laptop. Wow how things change! And how quickly they change (even though I still have a tiny apartment, a different apartment but still tiny)! 
When I started, I told myself , “If I can inspire just one person with my music to follow their own heart and dreams, then I have done everything I set out to do.” That part has not changed. My music and my whole self are all about originality, embracing the funky and weird, and L.O.V.E
Life. On. Vivid. Enjoyment. 
It would be my pleasure if you, the one reading this right now… no don’t look around… You! It would be my pleasure to have you share in this journey with me. My first single, “The Other Side”, is out right now all over the webasphere (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.), so take a listen, let your hair down, tap those toes, and become a Lucky. Ready to ride?
Go with Love,

Landon Gray & the Lucky Strikes

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